Detective Conan

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Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. Some fun facts about Detective Conan:

- Ran and Shinichi have the same blood type
- When Conan gets shot, Ran says that she has the same blood type as this kid and donates her blood to him, which means that she is very sure about his real identity
- Shinichi’s deduction skill is not as good as his dad’s
- Ran is afraid of ghosts and devils
- Ran has suspected Conan’s real identity many times, but still she hasn’t found out because Conan persuades her everytime
- Conan has returned to Shinichi twice, the first time is when Heiji comes to Tokyo, he gives Conan alcohol to cure his influenza and somehow it affects his body, but he has only solved a case before he turns back again. The second time Haibara gives him the drug which allows him to turn back for 24 hours, he also nearly proposes to Ran
- After the second time as he has returned back to Shinichi, Ran never suspects Conan anymore, because Haibara disguises herself as Conan at the same time as Shinichi re-appears
- Ran’s first love is Shinichi, and Shinichi’s first love is Ran
- Shinichi’s first solved case is when he and Ran are aboard an aeroplane travelling to LA together
- Apart from Mouri Kogoro, Conan also uses Sonoko and Doctor Agasa to solve cases when Kogoro is not there
- The drug which shrunk Conan and Ai Haibara is called APTX-4869
- Haibara is half Japanese and half British
- Haibara’s parents were both members of the organisation, and they were both killed in a car accident. After their death, the organisation adopted Haibara and her sister
- Haibara’s dad was a mad scientist, he wanted to invent a drug that can turn death into life
- Ran’s parents are actually very concerned about each other, but they don’t show that to each other
- When Ran was seven, her dad shoots Eri and she is shot in the leg when a man holds her as a hostage. As Ran reminisces the incident, she thinks at first that it was because her dad cannot aim and she thinks it was the reason why her mom has left. She later finds out that her dad shoots because he wants to save the hostage.
- Kogoro retires and becomes a private detective after this incident
- The real reason why Eri leaves Kogoro when Ran was seven is because Kogoro complains how disgusting Eri cooks that night when she has injured. In fact, Eri cooks because she wants to thank him, so she gets very angry as he blames her. In fact, Kogoro shouts at her because he wants Eri to rest, so they’ve kinda misunderstood each other
- Megure inspector always wears a hat, he never takes it off even if he is in hospital, because there is a scar on his forehead, he doesn’t want to reveal that because he doesn’t want people to ask why his wife also has the same scar on the forehead
- Kogoro has also suspected Conan once, because he notices that this kid always gives him hint, but after that case he never suspects him anymore
- Kogoro doesn’t admire Shinichi because he thinks Shinichi has taken all his clients
- Ran wants to be forever friends with Sonoko, she doesn’t want Sonoko to pay for her as she reckons that money can’t substitute for friendship
- Satou San (A policewoman) knows Conan’s deduction skill and talent, she is always pleased to discuss the cases with Conan and the detective boys
- There are five people who know Conan’s identity, including Doctor Agasa, Conan’s mom and dad, Haibara and Heiji

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