Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. Here are some unknown facts about Dragon Ball Z:

  • Did you know that Rou Kaioushin is fused with someone? No, I’m not talking about Kaioushin, he’s fused with Kibito, most people know that. But thousands of years ago, before he was sealed in the Z Sword, Rou Kaioushin looked very much like Kaioushin. Well, one day he was sitting under a tree reading a comic book, (manga), when an old witch snuck up from behind him and stole one of his earrings. These are the Potora earrings that automatically cause Fusion if both are put on the opposite ears of two different people. She put the earring on her left ear and Rou Kaioushin looked at her in horror as the two flew through the air towards each other and fused life. That’s why Rou Kaioushin looks so different from Kaioushin, and that’s also how he was able to do that spell to upgrade Gohan’s power since he’s part witch.
  • Did you know that Tien participates in the fight against Super Buu? Super Buu was about to do an attack that would kill Gohan, but suddenly a blast came out of nowhere and deflected Buu’s attack. It was Tien’s Kikohou. Of course he gets knocked out later, and dies when the Earth explodes, but hey, at least he helped unlike two other Z Fighters, i know, Krillin and Yamcha. Even when they were alive, they hardly even tried to help out against Majin Buu.
  • Did you know that planet Vegita wasn’t always planet Vegita? Before the Saiya-jin took over, it was called planet Plant!
  • Did you know that Mr. Satan’s dog is named Bee?
  • Did you know that Vegita never reached true Ultimate Super Saiya-jin during the Cell saga? The only people to reach that level were Trunks and Goku. Trunks states that his father was only lacking a little bit of power. Ultimate SSJ, is essentially SSJ2, but with not quite as much power, and it’s a very slow moving form.

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