Eight Crazy Nights

Peter April 9, 2013 0
Eight Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights is a 2002 animated musical comedy-drama film co-written by and starring Adam Sandler.

Some interesting facts about Eight Crazy Nights:

  • The original title was “Whitey & Davey”, but it was changed because it sounded “politically incorrect”.
  • The character of Whitey is based on the character Whitey from Adam Sandler’s album “Stan and Judy’s Kid”. He also appears in Little Nicky.
  • The title refers to the eight days of Hanukkah as well as a famous lyric in Sandler’s infamous “Chanukah Song”.
  • Carmen Filpi’s last film.
  • Whitey’s car is a 1968 imperial crown,a fairly rare car today.
  • Davey is based on a picture of Adam Sandler when he was 19.
  • Originally, Sony Pictures did not want to participate in the animation game with the expense and risks involved, but Columbia chief Amy Pascal greenlit this movie anyway on a personal pitch from Adam Sandler himself.
  • In the scene where you see Whitey doing odd jobs to make ends meet, a shot of the “Red Arrow Diner” is shown. This a real 24/7 diner in Manchester, NH where Adam Sandler grew up and regularly visits.
  • Adam Sandler’s first full-length animated feature film.
  • Jackie Sandler (Jennifer) does not do her own singing in this movie.

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