Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a media franchise created by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. Some fun facts about Sailor Moon:

  • In the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars uses an attack called Akuryu Taisan, which translates to “evil spirit be gone.” DiC decided they didn’t like this, so they changed it to Fire Balls Charge. However, when Cloverway took over dubbing the S season, Rei used it in one episode as Evil Spirit Be Gone.
  • Also in the Japanese version, the senshi were called Sailor Soldiers. “Scouts” is just a word DiC made up for them. Yet when Cloverway dubbed the new episodes, they left the transformation music the same as it had been in the Japanese version, meaning that while the senshi transformed it sang their name in the background. In the episode “Vaulting to Victory,” when all the senshi are transforming at once, you can hear the music saying “sailor soldiers.”
  • When I was watching the subtitled version of “Little Miss Manners,” I noticed something that was edited out of the English dub. In one part of the episode Countess Rose makes a less than flattering comment about Usagi. In the dub, Usagi just kinda makes a face and looks very unhappy. However, in the Japanese version, it expresses that the comment was very painful to Usagi by making it look like she got stabbed by a bunch of knives. This involves no blood or gore, but it was still cut out.
  • Anime isn’t really a Japanese word! Its actually the French term for animation, and it was adopted by the Japanese. Hence, when the shows came to America, we also adopted the term.
  • If you look at the jewel in Sailor Moon’s tiara in the American dub, you will see images of Neo Queen Serenity using the Imperium Silver Crystal to defeat Queen Beryl.

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